Baptism brings a person into life with Christ. At St. Clement Church baptisms are generally celebrated at the noon Mass on the first Sunday of each month. Call the Parish Office for more information or any questions.

Preparation: Along with the Church, the Friars and Deacons look for assurance from the parents who bring a child for baptism that they will raise their child in the faith. For active members of the parish this is understood. For non-active parents, a meeting with one of the Friars or Deacons is required prior to the baptismal preparation class.

A class for parents and godparents normally takes place on the third Saturday of each month. This helps all appreciate the significance and meaning of the sacrament, and assures that all documents are correct.

Godparents: Ideally both godparents are active Catholics, for they are also examples and models of the Christian life for the one being baptized. At least one godparent must be a fully initiated and a practicing Catholic. To be fully initiated one must be baptized, confirmed and have received First Eucharist. As a practicing Catholic (s)he regularly participates in the worship of the Church. A form verifying this status is completed by the person’s parish Priest. The second godparent may be a Christian witness, that is a baptized member of another Christian denomination. Non-Christians cannot serve as godparents.