Pastoral Council

Parish Council

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The Pastoral Council is a consultative body which works with the pastor and professional staff for the well-being of the parish, sharing the views of the parishioners, reviewing the progress of parish events and parish life, and assisting in the long-range planning. The members are chosen through a discernment process, and serve a three-year term.

Members chosen by discernment:

John Markel, President (term ends 2018)
Elise Perrera, Vice President (term ends 2017)
Michael Perrera, Secretary (term ends 2017)
Lud Jones (term ends 2017)
Bernie Rice (term ends 2017)
Barbara Murphy (term ends 2018)
Joe Schultz (term ends 2018)
Thomas Snyder (term ends 2019)
William Laumann III (term ends 2019)
Cecilia Ogden (term ends 2019)
Benjamin Romero (term ends 2019)

Ex Officio:
Fr. Vincent Gluc, Pastor
Fr. George Sabol, Asst. Pastor
Deacon Frank Zeiler
Margaret Brogden, DRE
Jackie Nolan, Corporator
Elizabeth Goral-Makowski, Corporator